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We were fortunate to be hosted by James and Rimma
who have a beautiful house. James and Rimma are
really great people, they have hearts on their
sleeves and be ready to do anything to help us.
We already spend two evenings to discuss with
them on their balcony with a drink.

Seb and Soizic
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France

World Traveler article
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Guestbook Entry

Dear Rimma and Jim,

Thank you very much for receiving us in
your home. You guys showed us great
hospitality and we can't thank you enough.
I know that if we come back, we will
definitely come stay again or visit.
Unfortunately we didn't have much
time to speak to you guys but
one day we will meet again and
share our stories.

Take care and see you again
one day!

Jesse (Tennessee/Mexico)
Daniela (Slovakia)

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Guestbook Entry

Dear Rimma and James

Thank you so much
for your housing. We have
a lot of memories. New York
is amazing a little bit bigger
than Kosice. You are
perfect people maybe one
time we will meet again
in New York.

thank you,
Yan from Klenovec (Slovakia)
Patrick from Kosice (Slovakia)
Referred By
Daniela (Slovakia)
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on corner of South Ave & Goethals Road North,
X12 directly to downtown Manhattan Wall St.
on corner of South & Forest Ave.,
The local bus S46/S96 near home to free ferry that
will take you with beautiful views of New York Harbor and
The Statue of Liberty to downtown Manhattan.
If you prefer more privacy a taxi or we could be
available to take you to free ferry to Manhattan or
pick-up and/or drop-off to airport for only $50
for JFK and LGA and $40 for Newark (EWR).

Across the street are 24/7 APlus Store
and Charlie Brown's Steakhouse Also nearby is
UA All Staten Island Stadium 16 Theater,
Kohl's, Subway, Checkers, Family Dollar,
Entenmann's Bakery Factory Outlet
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Lorenzo's at The Hilton Garden Inn
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Jim & Rimma Kennedy
701 South Avenue
Staten Island, New York
(be sure to leave message)
Skype: thinkrich1
Email: discountvacation@emailmakesmoney.com
(to get your reservation confirmed)
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Becca and Marie
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Charis and Zora
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Anna and Miriama
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Fred and Doris
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Jen and Rob
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The Kennedy Condo of Regal Walk

Artwork, Garden Design and Decorating by Rimma

See more of what our Great Guests have to say...
Guestbook Entry

"Dear Rimma and Jim,

We are so happy to having had
the opportunity to meet you
and stay with you for five
days! We will keep quite
special memories of these days.
Thank you so much for giving
us a piece of home in our long
journey through US! We hope,
we will come back again one day.
Do keep in touch.

Assia & Boyan
From Bulgaria living in Kempton, Germany

Guestbook Entry

Dear Rimma & James

It was more than pleasure
to stay at your place! Your
attitude and hospitality
was warmer than anywhere
before and we will truly
remember this period at
your house. If I will ever
visit NYC or close states I
will absolutely come back again.

This experience was great!!!

With Love from Europe
Karin & Martina (Czech Republic)

To See Karin's Airbnb Review
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Guestbook Entry

Thanks so much for welcoming us
into your lovely home. We loved your
cats and accommodating attitudes. You
really made us feel welcome! We were
happy to see that "southern" hospitality
could exist all the way up here!
Thanks again,
Andrew (Richmond, Kentucky)

The stay here was so wonderful.
We had such a good time and
really enjoyed the decor and especially
the cats, they were so friendly and
greeted us every night. Thank you again
for such a wonderful stay.
Mac (Richmond, KY)

Guestbook Entry

Dear Rimma and James,

You're so friendly and we're so happy
that we could stay at your home.
Thank you so much that we could
stay here one night longer, it was
a great experience to meet you
both and the two friendly cats.
You make our NY trip unique.
Staten Island is a wonderful place
to stay and we hope to meet you
again in a few years.

Take Care!
Anika and Josef
from Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

by the way, we learned a new phrase from
you, which describe our days here:
(I hope I understand the meaning)
You can't beat it with a stick

To See Josef's Airbnb Review
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Guestbook Entry

Dear Rimma & James,

We want to thank you so much
for the nice time at your
place! You've been great
hosts and helped us
with everything we needed.

You two are such wonderful
people, Staten Island is really
beautiful - our experience
was just perfect!

Thanks again,
Judith & Flo

To See Judith's Airbnb Review
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Guestbook Entry

Dear Rimma & James

Thank you so much for opening
your home to us. You were both
always so friendly & accommodating,
from start to finish. You really
saved us from all the hassle of
traveling to the city just to get
some sleep at a generic hotel.
Hope to see you again sometime
soon. Thanks again!

Hila & Kei
from Toda, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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A Tribute To My Mother
Mable Kennedy

Thank you Lord for sending me a birthday
I was truly blessed the day Mom was born.
God chose her to be his gift to me and this
Her need to help others.
Her strength and courage in the face of
Her wisdom to know where and how to
support and cooperate with us all, has been a
shining example of how as people we should
treat each other.
I have Learned through her deeds and great
faith that we all need to help each other.
Yes I can say we were truly blessed the day
Mom was born.
God bless you Mom,
Your son, James
My Mom Continues To Live Her Life
May It Inspire You Too!
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